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How to Give A Financial Gift

Cash: Gifts in the form of cash which include checks and credit cards are all accepted by Circle Urban Ministries. Checks should be made payable to “Circle Urban Ministries” and sent to the following address:

  • Send a check made payable to Circle Urban Ministries to:
    Circle Urban Ministries
    118 N. Central Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60644
  • Give a Gift in Honor or Memory of a friend or loved one
  • Take advantage of your Employer’s Matching Gift Program
  • Give a gift of Stock

Online Giving

Publicly Traded Securities

  • Gifts of publicly traded securities, including stocks, mutual funds, municipal and corporate bonds, and treasury bills and notes, which are traded on the New York or American Stock Exchange shall be accepted by Circle Urban Ministries. Gifts of appreciated securities may provide you with tax benefits. Please discuss your tax situation with your financial advisor, accountant or attorney. Gifts of stock may be wire transferred to Circle Urban Ministries brokerage account. Please contact Tom Galvin, Development Department,, for further details regarding this type of transfer. When transferring stock, please ask your broker to include your name on the transaction so that it will help us identify your gift and acknowledge it promptly.

Real Property

  • Gifts of real estate may include developed and undeveloped residential and commercial property, unless Circle Urban Ministries shall determine that the property is not suitable for acceptance as a gift. Unless the property is to be kept for programmatic use, Circle Urban Ministries will attempt to sell at a reasonable price reflected by the current market value.

Tangible Personal Property

  • Gifts of jewelry, artwork, collections and other personal property may be accepted by Circle Urban Ministries. Gifts or personal property shall not be accepted without first being appraised by a 3rd party chosen by Circle Urban Ministries.

Life Insurance

  • Circle Urban Ministries will generally accept life insurance but it must be named as both beneficiary and irrevocable owner of an insurance policy before a life insurance policy can be recorded as a gift.

Honorary / Memorial Gift

  • Honorary & Memorial Gifts are a way to pay tribute to an individual’s life and show how they live in your heart while supporting our mission and investing in a valuable community resource. When Circle Urban Ministries receives an honorary gift, we notify family members to advise them of the gift.

Planned Giving

  • Planned Giving refers to any charitable gift that requires more thought and planning to execute than outright gifts. In addition, planned giving has been traditionally defined as a gift that an individual makes near the end of her/his lifetime. To leave a lasting legacy and receive assurance that your personal goals may be achieved, please consider “legacy giving”.
  • Here is Sample Language if You Would Like to Remember Circle Urban Ministries in Your Will
  • Designate Circle Urban Ministries as a Beneficiary
    Circle Urban Ministries
    118 N. Central Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60644

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