Daily Bread Food Pantry


Daily Bread Food Pantry

Every Wednesday from 9am until 11am we are happy to support our community and offer them a free meal. This is our Food Pantry and every Monday afternoon we are stocking shelves.   A large portion of the support for Circle Urban Ministries comes from caring individuals like you.  Help Circle make every neighborhood a great place to live, learn, grow and succeed!

If you are busy this week, there is always the next week

21 Sep 20219 AM
23 Sep 20209 AM
28 Oct 20209 AM
30 Sep 20209 AM

Become a partner and support our community

Below is a scale of how your donated funds could help our Food Pantry Services:

$20.00——————————-Feeds 5 Families for a one week
$40.00——————————-Feeds 10 Families for a one week
$80.00——————————-Feeds 20 Families for a two week
$160.00—————————--Feeds 50 Families for a two week
$400.00—————————–Feeds 125 Families for a three week

Event Details

Organizer : Circle Urban Ministries

Start Date : 2020-09-30

End Date : 2020-09-30

Time : 9 AM

Event Venue

Venue : Circle Urban Ministries

Address : 118 N Central Ave, Chicago, IL 60644, USA

E-mail : darriela@circleurban.org

Phone : +1 773-921-1446

Website : https://circleurban.org/

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