Circle Urban Youth Programs

Ages 5-12

The C4S Afterschool & Summer Enrichment Programs are fee-based and serve youth from Kindergarten to 6th grade.  They are staffed by experienced professionals who are team-oriented and focused primarily on the unique academic, social, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual development of each student.

Our Enrichment Programs have a theme verse of Luke 10:27 – “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind.” This theme reflects the reality that God is our King and we are His children, learning to love Him and live with Him forever.

Following that concept, each child is referred to as a King’s Kid. Each King’s Kid is valued and is uniquely created for a special and important purpose in the King’s Kingdom!

4 Concepts of Encouraging Youth Development

Academic Enrichment

Character and Skill Development

Spiritual Growth

Social and Emotional Learning

Our enrichment activities are designed to be fun for the kids, but they are also important supplements to their personal development. Many of the activities address developmental and educational deficiencies that occur within our urban environment.

It is our vision and desire to create a fun and engaging environment that glorifies our King and protects His Kids, giving them a safe, healthy and loving environment in which to learn and grow to their God-given potential. It is our God-given responsibility to lovingly guide all of the children in our King’s Kids Program.

Circle Urban Ministries' Youth Ministry Programs

Circle Urban Ministries is working towards the day every neighborhood is considered a great place to live, learn, grow and succeed.

Circle 4 Success

Circle 4 Success After School Academic Enrichment was developed to assist parents and guardians with children that require supervision after school.  Students receive homework assistance and snacks.  Students also participate in games and activities.

Camp Usoni

Camp Usoni – is a summer camp program that meets Monday thru Friday for several weeks in the summer.  This programs’ primary focus is cultural enrichment through the arts.

Get Fit / Stay Fit

As part of our heart healthy youth initiative, this program is designed to get our youth physically active through games or activities that require running, skipping, jumping, dancing and moving for one hour a day.


Impact – is a service for parents with a child who has been suspended from school.  The student will spend the day completing the homework assignments (if provided) and activities to assist the student with conflict resolution to equip him/her with tools to avoid suspension in the future.

Listening Station

Listening Station – is an as needed opportunity for youth to express what is on their heart.  It is designed to give the youth a place to be heard as well as talk out the things that are bothering or hindering them.  This is not a counseling session.  It is just a safe place for youth to be heard.

No School Day Program

No School Day Program – is an extension of the after-school program and it meets when the school calendar indicates there is “no-school”.  It is an all-day program designed to provide a structured productive day for youth when school is not in session.  This program also accommodates Spring and Winter Breaks.

Here's What Children Say About Circle's Youth Ministry

Have You Noticed a Change In Your Child Since Attending Circle 4 Success?

“The program has started him to learn the Bible. I think that is great.”

“She’s more positive, outgoing, and into the Bible”

“[He is] interested more about the Bible and things of Christ. His behavior has changed for the better.”

How Do You Feel Your Child is Benefiting from Circle’s Youth Ministry?

“It has enhanced my children’s social skills and their knowledge of Christ.”

“I believe the program helps my child’s self-esteem, and the activities help him in learning different arts.  He believes he can do anything he puts his mind to.”

“I like the fact that they teach them about God and they teach them morals and values and understanding and how to treat people with kindness and respect and to be a valuable citizen.”

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